Storz Duolith Ultra Vet

Duolith Ultra Vet – a new standard in animal care

Shockwave treatment has become a standard procedure in pain therapy not only for humans, but also for equine and small animals.

Just as with human patients, there has long been a search for non-surgical routes to make treatment less invasive and so less stressful in animal care.

A key asset in the Duolith Vet is the ability to have both focused and radial shockwaves available in a single unit. With a large coupling area with no energy loss, this helps reduce pain and stresss on contact with the skin.

How the Duolith Ultra Vet by Storz works

The Storz Duolith Ultra Vet has a powerful energy range, providing reliable therapy and treatment for areas requiring deep penetration areas.

This also minimises treatment times and meaning less operator fatigue and also less duress for the animal, plus, via the inbuilt touchscreen, treatments can be easily repeated meaning consistency of approach when targeting problem areas over serial treatments. 

The ability to change over from focal/planar SWT to radial SWT also means that multiple conditions can be treated without the need for multiple units.

Reliable, powerful, with a long lasting applicator many vets are finding a Storz shockwave system has become an invaluable addition to their practice. 

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Shock wave treatment has become a standard procedure in pain therapy not only for humans, but also for equine and small animals



– Provides fast pain relief in simple, short treatment sessions

– Speeds healing in affected areas and decreases healing time with no side effects

– Requires no sedation, medication or anaesthesia

– Very cost effective compared to other treatments, requires normally not more than 3 – 5 sessions


– Insertional desmopathies

– Tendinopathy with and without calcification

– Myopathies

– Arthrosis

– Podotrochlosis syndrome

– Sore muscles

– Sacroiliac issues

– Ligament injuries

– Tendinopathy

– Hip and elbow dysplasia

– Painful scar tissue

– Chronic back pain



*PLEASE NOTE: Treatment results and patient experience will vary for every individual. Specific outcomes of any programme cannot be guaranteed.