Chronic Foot Pain Shockwave Therapy

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Fiona M, 68

Condition: Chronic Foot Pain

Treated by:  The Abbeyfields Clinic

Devices: Storz Masterpuls MP100 Ultra & Storz DUOLITH® SD1 T-TOP »F-SW ultra

“Recently I saw a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon having been referred by my GP due to chronic foot pain. Surgery was suggested as the only option. 

As an active 68 year old the thought of at least six weeks recovery was too much to contemplate. 

I made enquires and heard that state of the art Shockwave Therapy treatments were available at Abbeyfields Clinic. 

Following two Focused Shockwave treatments the pain in the ball of my foot and upper foot has reduced enormously. I am now able to walk pain free and enjoy life once again.

I received treatment from James Woledge who also advised me and provided me with insoles for my shoes and gels for my toe as part of my ongoing care.

Astonishing! I walked into the clinic in pain and left pain free . Thank you. I unreservedly recommend Shockwave Therapy ESWT as a treatment.”

Fiona M, Suffolk 

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