Common Wealth Champion on how shockwave therapy cured her chronic conditions

Watch Storz Shockwave Therapy Combination Treatment using Focused & Radial on Michaela Breeze, Common Wealth Champion, chronic Golfer's elbow (medial epicondylitis).


Michaela Breeze Olympic Weightlifting Coach, MBE, Double Olympian & Former Commonwealth Games Champion and Sports Commentator tells us of her past experience of radial Shockwave Therapy for Patellar Tendinitis (Knee pain). She explains how without it she wouldn’t have made a comeback to The Common Wealth Games.

Michaela visited our stand at Therapy Expo and was treated with the Storz T-Top Shockwave Therapy device for her painful medial epicondylitis (Golfers elbow). She has suffered with this inner elbow condition for 9 years, luckily it’s never affected her weightlifting.

Watch Jens Lundgren, ESWT expert, treat Michaela with a combination Shockwave approach, starting with Focused. He talks her through the Focused Shockwave Treatment, what she should expect and how it differs from Radial Shockwave in terms of both comfort level and treatment depths. Jens encourages patient feedback throughout the treatment to ensure he is on the correct area and that the patient is comfortable.

He then applies Radial Shockwave to further increase the healing capacity and increase blood flow. He treats the trigger points and muscles in her arm, he then follows on with the Peri-Actor Fascia transmitter to treat the tightness in the superficial fascia of her forearm. Jens finishes with the Storz V-Actor Vibration hand piece at a high frequency (25 hertz) to compliment the treatment and reduce any pain.

Michaela was amazed with the immediate results, she had complete pronation of her arm, even better than her other ‘good’ arm.

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