Venn Ambassador Paul Hobrough on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show BBC Radio 2.

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Venn Ambassador Paul Hobrough, Sports Scientist & Physiotherapist at Physio and Therapy UK was live this morning on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show BBC Radio 2.

Chris Evans is due to complete the Virgin London Marathon this weekend but has injured his calf. Paul advises Chris and examines him live on the show and will be treating him in his clinic at LifePlus Clinics Harley Street, later this morning with treatments including using Shockwave Therapy.

Chris describes the pain in his calf as like a 'bee sting' at the weekend he immediately had to stop running,  he couldn't bare weight on a raised heel, the pain is on either side of the calf muscle.

Paul reassures Chris during the interview: 

"Without a scan we don't know exactly what's going on,  but I genuinely believe from what you have told me we have a very good chance of fixing you" 

"What we've got to do is build your confidence up, take some of the muscle tension out of there and we can use something called Shockwave Therapy to really help speed that up, if you can pop along to Harley Street after and see me in my clinic there" 

Chris Evans asks Paul "What is the most acute injury you have encountered and treated from someone we may have heard of, like an elite athlete and to the extent you've have been able to get them into the event they were hoping to participate in?"

Paul describes one of our greatest marathon runners of recent times Scott Overall,  he was suffering with high hamstring tendinopathy, which he tracked to the middle of his spine. By releasing the middle of the spine, the hamstring relaxed almost instantly and he was able to train and compete again. Paul says it's about thinking outside the box, it's not about focusing on that particular spot, like the hamstring in this case. He says you need to look and think about the whole body and where the problems and the source of the problems maybe. 

Chris took questions from listeners and put them to Paul. 

Listen to the show here Paul is on from approx 8.45am

Wishing Chris a speedy recovery and of the best luck in the Virgin London Marathon. 


sarah campbell