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I was drawn to becoming part of the Venn Healthcare team based on the company’s deep commitment to the distribution of cutting edge high-grade medical technology to essentially keep people and animals well! For 40 years, I have been working on a parallel track to the veterinary industry practising highly innovative large-scale animal breeding programmes where we embraced the rapidly developing science of embryo transfer in sheep, goats, beef and deer in order to fast-track the improvement of genetic stock world-wide.

For me, Venn’s partnership with Storz Medical (Switzerland), world leaders in the science and manufacture of shockwave,  was truly inspirational. On one hand, to observe highly experienced physiotherapists keeping world-class athletes in the very best of ‘shape’ via shockwave was a revelation, and on the other hand, to watch experienced veterinarians use the same technology to deal with a plethora of injuries, suspensory and trigger point conditions in both equine and small animals seemed almost a miracle. The rapid rate of recovery for both ‘man and beast’ was so impressive.

Since joining Venn Healthcare as Operations and Veterinary Director, after careful consideration and long deliberation, we have committed to the exclusive distributorship of the new generation of veterinary CLASS 1, super-pulsed laser devices known as ‘ActiVet’.  This range of peer reviewed and practice-proven lasers is manufactured in the US by Multi Radiance Medical who, over 20 years, have established a reputation as global leaders in the science of Class 1 Laser therapy where they are now represented in 30+ countries.

I have personally immersed myself in grasping the science and understanding the physics of Class 1 low-level laser – and I am hooked.  For a robust and cordless instrument, no larger than a handheld torch that can live happily in your pocket, to deliver light energy units in the form of photons for any tissue needing treatment, where there is no need for practitioners and patients to wear dark glasses or goggles, is exceptionally good news for the veterinary industry and our 8 million dogs, 7 million cats and 900,000 horses in the UK! The remarkable, extremely safe technology sees billionth of a second duration pulses being generated and delivered, resulting in no heat, no thermal build up and critically no discomfort, with much more energy getting through the collagen into the deeper tissues. This represents huge advantages over CLASS IV or any continuous beam lasers that have to be kept on the move to avoid overheating the skin and of course, dark glasses to protect eyes using those devices is a pre-requisite.

Last night, I joined a webinar hosted by the US Laser Therapy University.  It was an extraordinarily well-run event with devotees of this fast emerging technology from around the world tuned in to a solid hour of ‘gold’ in terms of research, modalities and protocols designed to bring out the very best results for (example) osteoarthritis, fractures, post-operative incisions, anal saculitis, lumbosacral disease, dermatitis, otitis, gum disease, lick granulomas – and a host of other conditions.

Yesterday, we launched our marketing campaign in the UK and Ireland where we have seriously discounted the 3 Multi Radiance range of ActiVet lasers to enter the market. I can’t wait to get alongside as many veterinarians in the country as possible, to demonstrate the remarkable capabilities of ActiVet lasers. The 3 wavelengths of 660nm, 875nm and the ‘super-pulsed’ at 905nm, are complimented by a ‘pulsed non-coherent’ Blue Light at 465nm that is especially effective at treating MRSA, inflammatory skin conditions and other host of wounds, bacteria and viruses.

My conclusion?  - “a mighty little healer, right in your pocket

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